Sanjay Keswani’s A Brief Introduction to Tacos

One thing I appreciate from this blog post right off the top is the detail in which this publisher to explain that not all tacos hold the same taste and flavor due to the ingredients in which one may choose to use.

As I share which bacon and potato with salsa verde tacos are the best in San Marcos, Sanjay Keswani goes into further depth of the different ingredients that make the taco delectable and a sensation in your mouth. Keswani successfully gets the point across that the different variations of what your taco consists of is what you must keep in mind when trying to ensure that the ingredients “compliment and elevate one another.” The idea that the texture of the the tortilla, meat, lettuce and (if you so choose to add it in) friend garlic chips is what creates that party in your mouth is one that I agree one should keep in mind when creating this dish.

Keswani also shares that tacos variety from different regions and locations. While I live in central Texas and can only share the quality of the tacos here, it is important to keep in mind that dish can present itself in many different variations. Most importantly though, Sanjay shares how the taco should remain fresh in all occasions and this is one that I believe will enhance your taco eating experience without a doubt. When keeping in mind freshness, do recall that even the tortilla is included in this equation, not just the veggies. I appreciate that art in which this publisher takes in sharing the depth of how to enjoy the best possible taco.

Thanks for the equal appreciation Keswani, you fellow taco lover you.


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